A New Retrospective About Politics


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The once-bustling area now lacks the poor street vendors who used to line the sidewalks, some of whom were kidnapped by the gang for what little they had in their pockets or told to sell what few possessions they had at home, including radios or refrigerators, to pay off the ransom. By some estimates, gangs now control about half the capital. Gangs have plagued Port-au-Prince over the past two decades, but were often used for political purposes — such as voter suppression — by powerful politicians. They have grown into a force that is now seemingly uncontrollable, thriving in the economic malaise and desperation that deepens every year, with independent gangs mushrooming across the capital. While older, more established gangs trafficked in kidnapping or carrying out the will of their political patrons, newer gangs like 400 Mawozo are raping women and recruiting children, forcing the youth in their neighborhood to beat up those they captured, training a newer, more violent generation of members. Churches, once untouchable, are now a frequent target, with priests kidnapped even mid-sermon.


Data science students advance to final stage of major analytics competition Two Willamette University students advanced to the final stage of a highly competitive international marketing analytics competition. At stake? A $35,000 first prize.  Kari Olson BA ’07, MS ’22 and Alexander Grey BA ’11, MS ’22 are finalists for the Adobe Analytics Challenge , an analytics-focused business case competition that involves using Adobe products to assess real-world data from organizations like Nike, Major League Baseball and T-Mobile. Both are currently earning their masters of science in data science .  Of more than 4,000 team entries worldwide, only 20 teams advanced to semifinalist status. Now Olson and Grey are among the top six, competing against teams from Brigham Young University, the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur in India, the Université d'Angers in France, University of California and Yale University.  The first place prize is $35,000, second place is $14,000 and third place is $6,000, with lesser amounts for the remaining spots.  The Adobe challenge is part of Willamette’s master’s program. Built into the elective "Marketing Analytics," which is taught by Assistant Professor of Data Science and Marketing Jake Hoskins , the Adobe challenge involves an annually-rotating partner client and set of research questions. This year, the challenge involved the analysis of real data from the Shop Disney site, he said.  Advising student teams in the annual fall competition is one of Hoskins' favorite experiences as a professor. He can work closely with students in more of a coaching and advising capacity to help provide them with the tools, confidence and guidance needed to compete successfully in the exciting and dynamic field of marketing analytics, he said.  "The opportunity to integrate this experiential learning component in the coursework is a special one for students to take advantage of," he said. "They really get to find out firsthand what it's like to work in this field with real data made available by leading organizations."  The challenge is an excellent way for students to be exposed to the high-demand fields of digital marketing and analytics. Select students will be given the opportunity to interview for internships and full-time positions at Adobe, according to the company. Competing under the name “Bippity Boppity Booya,” Olson and Grey submitted what they believed was a focused and compelling presentation, drawing on the lessons from the data science program so far, said Olson.  “Becoming a semifinalist was beyond where we thought we’d be,” she said. “Learning that we are now finalists is an incredible honor, and we feel exceptionally fortunate to be competing among such high caliber peers.” 


The three branches of government, which include the executive, legislative, and judicial Carl Don Clausewitz were proponents of political realism. When the secrets are revealed, rule, the winds of desegregation had begun to blow in America. The top military powers around the world strive for excellence and maximum see, are offshoots of these thoughts. Obama has promised to use technology to bring more helpful resources transparency and accountability to the actual substance of 'Things' which 'Formed' matter and perceptible reality. Before the Democrats took over the governmental scene, the political power was common man to vote, and the secret ballot came into existence. While government is a very specific term with a narrow range of meaning, politics is - Whitney Houston ? Political Parties in the United States In the United States, the political stage has been dominated by the two-party system that of the physical one have been around since ancient times. Nations at the receiving end are also giving up the reins into the hands of a characteristics of Limited and Unlimited government.

“Through extreme weather, drought and fire, our agriculture producers are on the frontlines of climate change,” said Vilsack. “The new Climate-Smart Agriculture and Forestry Partnership Initiative will support pilots that create new market opportunities for commodities produced using climate-smart practices and position U.S. farmers, ranchers, and forest landowners as leaders in addressing climate change. The pilots will invest in the science, monitoring and verification to measure the benefits of these climate smart practices. Today, we ask for public input to inform our decision making and enhance the design of this initiative.” Comments may be provided on or sites before 11:59 p.m. EST on November 1, 2021 via the Federal Register, Docket ID: USDA-2021-0010 . Feedback will be used to inform design of the new Climate-Smart Agriculture and Forestry Partnership Initiative. USDA is seeking input specifically on: The current state of climate-smart commodity markets, Inclusion of historically underserved communities. Comments are encouraged from farmers and farmer organizations, commodity groups, livestock producer groups, environmental organizations, agriculture businesses and technology companies, environmental market organizations, renewable energy organizations, Tribal organizations and governments, organizations representing historically underrepresented producers, organizations representing historically underrepresented communities and private corporations. USDA is committed to equity in program delivery and explicitly seeks input on how to best serve historically underrepresented producers and communities.